Tuesday, August 6, 2013

221st Stops

During the late night it's lonely sometime, being awake, sitting alone in the room staring at the night sky with the big bright moon hang on it. It just bring out feeling that have been surpress for a long time.
Listening to Leessang, Pursuing of Happiness. With the mix feeling, slowing tear roll down naturally.

The road that have been taken in the past, cant be change. It have been easy and hard for the past and even there is regrets. Nothing can be done for the past.

Thinking of the road ahead,having no idea where it leads to,bring the feeling of fearing the unknown mingling with the head. The future road seem like an endless road.

I ask myself what shall i do?? What i want to do?? It still seem like a mystery to me.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

220th Stops

It have been months since I reach  UK, actually to be exact it have been 2 months.
Another 2 months, I will be back at home! After my Europe and Scotland trip.

It have been fun staying aboard, learn and experiencing different culture.
Being away from family is not easy, cause they have been with me ever since I born till that day I leave for UK. Instead of family, I'm now get closer to my friends, they are family here in UK. <3 p="">
Able to be in the UK is my wildest dream! Very fascinating. Hehe. Beyond able to explain the happiest I have since I came here. =3

Thing I've learn after being here is appreciation, I appreciate my family more than ever! Miss them very much. =)
Appreciate my best friends and elder sister came with me, it have made it a much more easier journey with  people who I'm familiar with. =P Lucky me I guess. 

The fun part I have in UK is SHOPPING!! Everything here is cheaper than Malaysia, every time I go shopping, I secretly hope that I'm a millionaire daughter, so I get to buy everything! But nah, I cant do so in reality, so I just work within my budget.
Learning to cook was fun too, I'm not a very good cook like my sister, but I know the basic. Without grandma or a maid to cook for you, it is time to get my ass up to do the cooking. So I did, learn to cook and cut all sort of meats! >3<
For those who always say I don't know how to cook, shall not say that anymore! Hahahaha..

I will miss the life in Sheffield, things here is peaceful and green!
Maybe I get to return back here when I get a job here. =3

Partying with my bff!

My UK family! Love them all! Btw we are at the MU Stadium.

Another group photo, we went to Liverpool

This is ugly, but still happy with my sister when we first came not long ago.

Run gazelle~ run~! Does it make you feel like running?

Beautiful view!

When we first reach here at UK, it was too cold for us ,that make us love sunbathing. ^_^

Withby town, a very windy town. ^_^

Saturday, June 29, 2013

219th Stops

It have been a month over here at the Uk. It is so overwhelm that I still cant believe I have made it here.

Went on alot of weekend trip that is huge eye opening. The place are so beautiful and awesome. Vintage plus nature is a total different feel.

Beside enjoying the scenery of course there is always involve with shopping! Well, I'm a mini shopaholic! Guilty as said, I bought some cheap clothes and jeans as well, things here are cheaper during summer sale. With the big word SALE, make my hand itchy. Lol!

UK is full of green and animal! Everywhere is trees and there is so many park! As a Malaysian, we are so scare of the sun but yet in the UK I enjoy sunbathing! The weather here is something like Genting during the night time, but here is during the day! The night is ice cold and sometime it get colder if is raining. Slowly I'm getting use to it, here we learn to appreciate the sun rather than complaint. ∩__∩

My shopping haul so far!

When the sun is out this is what we do!

Weekend trip to Mancester.

Trip to Withby, fish village. It was breathtaking!

First field trip to Hull city.

Camwhoring in class when sir was teaching! Guilty! >3<

Thursday, May 30, 2013

218th Stops

Today will be my last day being at home and around my comfortable family.
Tomorrow I will have to grow up, being a big girl walking on earth!
I'm scare yet excited in a way. Dilemma~ =3

Everything is pack ready, got my tickets all.
Just need to get on a 13 hour flight to get there..
I wish all the other students a very safe flight for today!!
UK I'm coming!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

217th Stops

Happy Birthday to myself!
I should be happy on this day but yet when I get that text.
It kills me! I'm trying to move on. I know I can! :3

I also feel bless when I going thru hardship.
Don't know is it a good or bad thing.
Whenever I have a heartbreak there is always a few heartbreak which is worsted than mine.
It make me feel that I'm blessed.

Anyway, I have many yam cha session during my last few week here.
It was best to catch up with my friends.. So many thing to talk!
Hope when I return we still can talk more! :)

3 more days~ I'm flying off to UK!!
I'm so excited! Cant wait to go!

Love you guys!!